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Industry body for the safe transport of radioactive material



RAMTUC is a company limited by guarantee, Company Number 8607169. Behind this formal structure RAMTUC members agree to act in accordance with a “Members’ Management Agreement”.

RAMTUC currently has 18 members who make the business decisions during the main members’ meetings, in accordance with the Members’ Management Agreement. Member organizations who join RAMTUC are committed to providing a representative to carry out RAMTUC work on a voluntary basis.

These main member meetings are held quarterly and sponsor a number of themed specialist sub-groups and time based task forces focusing on particular issues.

  • Training Sub-group (Chaired by EDF Energy)
  • Consignment Issues Working Group (Chaired by AUAM)
  • Fissile Excepted Sub-group (Chaired by Sellafield Ltd)
  • LSA-II definition task force

RAMTUC is dedicated to providing a platform for UK industry to form a united approach to national and international regulatory bodies, raising the profile of the industry sector and assisting national authorities in the development of national and international regulations. RAMTUC encourages a single approach to regulatory interpretation, processes and practices involved in the transport of radioactive material.


RAMTUC CLG is seen as the professional, intelligent, authoritative body that represents the industry and is recognised by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). It has a system and process in place through which the Regulator is able to engage with all its members. The Regulator sees RAMTUC CLG as the body through which to engage with the RAM transport community. In addition RAMTUC CLG provides expertise for Regulatory forums and provides consistent interpretation/guidance on the regulations.


Organisation members actively engaged with and gain from RAMTUC CLG and in turn RAMTUC CLG can provide a united industry voice. Members develop and share expertise, knowledge and learning from experience (LFE) and seek to learn from each other to improve, providing mutual support. RAMTUC CLG members come to a common understanding but agree not to be legally bound by RAMTUC CLG decisions.

Member Services

RAMTUC CLG sets guidance on standards of competence. This website is used to share information and resources among member organisations and holds the standards, guidance, regulatory interpretations, etc. RAMTUC CLG holds regular events for the sharing of information and to provide networking opportunities across RAMTUC and the wider industry and also with further access to consultancy services.


RAMTUC CLG seeks to put in place a process for auditing carriers. It retains strong links to the Safety Directors’ Forum (SDF) and related subgroups, groups such as the Transport Container Standardisation Committee (TCSC), IAEA Transport Safety Standards Committee (TRANSSC), World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI), Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) etc. In addition there are links with key logistics suppliers. RAMTUC CLG has a structure of formal subgroups, with clarity of purpose and a formal relationship with the main group (governance). RAMTUC CLG also now operates a single tier membership policy.


Who we are

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