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Industry body for the safe transport of radioactive material


What is RAMTUC?

RAMTUC CLG was established in 2014. Prior to 2014, RAMTUC was an informal industry group known as The Radioactive Material Transport Users Committee which was originally formed in the 1960s to develop strategy and policy regarding the regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material, both for transporting materials involved in the nuclear fuel cycle and transporting materials outside the fuel cycle, such as radio-pharmaceutical products.

How often does it meet & where?

RAMTUC holds its main members meetings quarterly – typically in a central location such as London.

How is RAMTUC managed?

RAMTUC’s management structure is made up of representatives from the UK’s key nuclear organisations based in the UK who are involved in the transport of radioactive material and a small group of RAMTUC funded contractors operating as part time consultants specialising in regulatory and legal matters from issues arising from the transport of radioactive material.

Who are RAMTUC’s members?

RAMTUC currently has 18 full members represented by firms such as Rolls-Royce Power Engineering PLC, EDF, Westinghouse Electric UK Holdings Ltd and Sellafield Ltd. A full list is available here.

How does RAMTUC operate?

RAMTUC is managed centrally by a volunteer chairman & deputy chairman (who are both also from member companies) and a paid part-time secretary (contractor).

RAMTUC sponsors a number of specialist sub-groups.

RAMTUC is dedicated to providing a platform for UK industry to form a united approach to national and international regulatory bodies, raising the profile of the industry sector and assisting national authorities in the development of national and international regulations. RAMTUC encourages a single approach to processes and practices involved in the transport of radioactive material. RAMTUC values open and constructive communication and welcomes enquires from any organisations connected to the transport of radioactive material wishing to share best practice or seek best practice through RAMTUC.

How to contact RAMTUC

Contact the secretariat or Tel: 01772 716568 0774 7662905

How do I become a member?

In the first instance contact the secretariat (details above)

Who are RAMTUC’s major partners/industry Advisors & Consultants?

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), Transport Container Safety Committee (TCSC), Prospect Law consultants for legal issues, Class 7 Consultants for Industry and United Nation legislation updates, Scientifics consultants for updates to the regulations, Imageworks for website development.

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