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RAMCALC is an Excel spreadsheet based tool for consignors, which utilises isotope and activity information to assist in the classification of radioactive materials for packaging and transport. RAMCALC has wider capability and the user can input further information relating to dose and contamination measurements to maximise the output. RAMCALC has been funded by RAMTUC to provide a validated cross industry tool which will be maintained to current regulations.

RAMCALC has the following capabilities:

  • Determine if a material is within scope of the RMT regulations (exempt consignment or exempt concentration calculations)
  • Calculate the total number of A1/A2‘s for a single isotope or mixture
  • Use output (A1/A2 for mixture/number of A1/A2’s) to suggest potential suitable package type (Excepted, Type A, Type B etc)
  • Uses radiation dose measurements for TI calculation and label category and includes calculation of multiplication factors
  • For excepted packages considers the physical form and if instrument or articles applies
  • Considers Industrial Packages in the package selection options by allowing the input of net weight and contamination measurements
  • Records key information in sign-off consignment summary sheet

The benefits of RAMCALC include:

  1. Updated user interface to enable simple and quick method of data entry (drop downs/smart entry).
  2. Produce results in a print friendly summary report (report options depend upon level of information required/completed).
  3. Retain the same data protection and security functionality (locked cells containing data) and protection against the entry of unrealistic figures e.g. negative numbers.
  4. Complete with QA verification.
  5. Ability to complete minimal fields to provide limited report or progress to further detail completion for full analysis (i.e. use as little or as much of functionality).
  6. Show fraction of total activity for each isotope of a mixture for easy identification of dominant nuclides for labelling etc.
  7. Additional data entry options to assist in package type selection (dose rates, contamination limits).
  8. Calculate the fissile mass using the input activity to provide a ‘calculated’ fissile weight BUT have the ability to input the actual weight.
  9. Consideration of USA requirements by comparing US CFR49 A1/A2 limits (these can differ to the international limits) and RQ/HRCQ limits with impact on labelling category (prompts) etc.
  10. Ask for sub-risk information and prompts to consult DGSA.

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