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Industry body for the safe transport of radioactive material


This group has been a long established RAMTUC Sub group and has been in operation since 2007 its mission is to strive to continuously improve the standard of training on Dangerous Goods Transport with member organisations. The group also aims to work collaboratively in the field of Dangerous Goods Transport Legislation and relevant Site Licence Conditions with regard to the:

  • Identification and promulgation of industry best practice at training level
  • Development of common approaches and interpretation, seeking harmonisation
  • Identification of training requirements and issues for dissemination to the training and consignment working groups
  • Consolidation and consideration of intelligence from other industry sources and working groups
  • Sharing and retention of knowledge including training course attendance, feedback and lessons learned from training courses
  • Reporting back and taking issues from RAMTUC – feeding down any issues arising at RAMTUC of interest to members

Current Member companies represented at this Group are:
LLWR, Rolls-Royce, RWM, INS, Sellafield, AWE Plc, RSRL, Magnox, DSRL

A contact list for all members (and deputies) of TSG can be found on the members area of the website

Training Resources

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